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Compensa la huella de carbono de tu mascota

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Compensa la huella de carbono de tu perro

When I found out that living with Michi had such an impact on the environment, I was worried, but since I discovered EcoPawpet and bought my certificate I am doubly happy, for him and for me.




Our company is made up of a group of ecofriendly pet owners with a huge goal, to help offset all the CO2 emissions that our beloved pets generate on a daily basis.

We want to offer all pet parents, the easiest way to compensate OUR PLANET for the ecological impact that their pets are generating, without any guilt, but also without any doubt.

We aim to combat climate change by offering every responsible pet parent an easy access to carbon capture.

  • We are the only Co2 compensation platform specialized in the ecological pawprint of dogs and cats.

  • Completely safe and transparent CO2 compensation procedure.

  • Investment in Co2 compensation projects approved by the United Nations

  • Fully automated and 100% paperless processes to minimize our own impact on the Environment

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