Humans have Co2 footprint
Cats & Dogs have Co2 pawprint 

Co2 Footprint Carbon Pawprint


What is really happening with 
ours loved cats & dogs

Many worldwide pet parents have begun to wonder about their furry friends impact on the planet.

An average dog (15 kg weight) generates annually 630 kilos of CO2e carbon emissions.

The environmental impact of our dogs & cats has been deeply analysed and most studies take into consideration the impact of pet food, urine & faeces, small treats we give them...on Climate change (Co2e), ozone depletion (CFC-11e), human toxicity (CTUh), terrestrial eutrophication, freshwater and marine eutrophication, freshwater ecotoxicity...

Greenhouse gases pumped into the atmosphere each year due to Pet diets mostly coming from meat. Their diet means and impact on water, fossil fuel, fertilizer and pesticide use associated with producing that meat and on top of that, the energy costs of transporting, slaughtering, or processing feeding animals to become pet food.

CO2 impact produced by plastic waste and transport cost associated with dog and cat poop.

As responsible pet parents, we pick up pets’ poop, ending using hundreds of petroleum-based plastic baggies a year. Even the “biodegradable” alternatives aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Plastic garbage. Our love for our pets ends many times happily in toys and treats for them. Toys are important to dogs’ mental and physical health, but many are made of plastic or contain elements that are difficult to recycle — and their durability is often poor.

All this discretionary stuff must be produced, packaged, shipped and, in many cases, delivered to our doors.

Offset Now base on your pets breed

What can we do?


The first thing that we, as eco-friendly pet parents, have to do is to take conscience of the impact being generated.

Small things help a lot, just picking up our dog´s faeces and not leaving them on the floor can make an important change in terms of freshwater ecotoxicity, pollution generated by municipal cleaning services...

Also, we must consider offsetting the Co2 pawprint of our dogs and cats by investing in Co2 compensation projects.

Offsetting is a climate action that enables individuals and organizations to compensate for the emissions they cannot avoid, by supporting worthy projects that reduce emissions elsewhere.

  • Cost of offsetting a Yorkshire Terrier annual Co2 Emissions = €2,80 euros

Self Control

  • Control Pet Feeding

  • Control Pet faeces picking

  • Control Pets Toys

Offsetting with our help

Offsetting on your own

  • Help by planting trees

  • Help with local offsetting projects

  • Help promoting eco-consciousness among other pet parents

Some Breeds and their Impact

Eco Co2 Impact of a Labrador

Labrador Retriever

Breed weight range: between 29 and 32 kg, Co2e annual generation 1,100 kg. Co2 equivalent to 8,422 km drove by car. 107 trees are needed to compensate the anual pawprint of a Labrador

Yorkshire Terrier Co2 Impact

Yorkshire Terrier

Breed weight range: between 1 and 4 kilograms, Co2e annual generation 200 kg. Co2 equivalent to 981 km drove by car. 13 trees are needed to compensate the anual pawprint of a Yorkshire.

Chihuahua Co2 Impact pawprint


Breed weight range: between 1.5 and 4 kilograms, Co2e annual generation 200 kg. Co2 equivalent to 1,079 km drove by car. 14 trees are needed to compensate the anual pawprint of a Yorkshire.

German Shepherd Co2 pawprint

German Shepherd

Breed weight range: between 22 and 40 kg, Co2e annual generation 1,100 kg. Co2 equivalent to 8,560 km drove by car. 109 trees are needed to compensate the anual pawprint of a Yorkshire.


Our company is made up of a group of ecofriendly pet owners with a huge goal, to help offset all the CO2 emissions that our beloved pets generate on a daily basis.

We want to offer all pet parents, the easiest way to compensate OUR PLANET for the ecological impact that their pets are generating, without any guilt, but without any doubt.

We aim to combats climate change by offering every responsible pet parent an easy access to carbon capture.

  • We are the only Co2 compensation platform specialized in the ecological pawprint of dogs and cats.

  • Completely safe and transparent CO2 compensation procedure.

  • Investment in Co2 compensation projects approved by the United Nations

  • Fully automated and 100% paperless processes to minimize our own impact on the Environment

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